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Better Photography has been at the forefront of providing cutting-edge, informative and comprehensive content to photography enthusiasts across the Indian sub-continent for nearly a decade now, and continues to enthrall a cross-section of readers.

Keeping in sync with the transition in the fast-moving photography industry, Better Photography has advanced itself with more research, insight and in-depth analysis of each development.. The magazine took form when professional photography was all about fully manual cameras with mysterious dials and levers, which needed an expert to handle. With time, as the process evolved into daily affair with the Point-and-Shoots and Auto-Focus SLRs, BP also evolved and took a new shape, never losing focus.

Better Photography has always been perceived as a friend, philosopher and guide for photography enthusiasts and remains a forum for the growth of photography in the country. Our all-new look, complimented with exhaustive sections, is designed to appeal to both amateur and professional photo enthusiasts, thereby bringing to you ‘better pictures, better techniques and better insight.’

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